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About Us

We are Floortje and Willemijn Laan; two entrepreneurial sisters who started rasalila in 2009. Our goal was to create a place where meeting, relaxation and development are central.
Throughout the years, rasalila has grown into a unique studio, and we're often pioneers in the movement landscape with the offering of new classes: from AcroYoga to PoleFlow, and from Aerial Arts to Feminine Arts. Besides that rasalila is also home to the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. And we're always inspired by the current offer worldwide and we are constantly extending our range of lessons with various and innovative lessons. 
The Conscious Movement Online Program is just one example of how our love for people, life, development and movement has brought us to new places. 

Why the rasalila Conscious Movement Program? 

People come to rasalila from close and far. We want to share all of our knowledge to a wider audience as well as give even more to our students, beyond the physical studio. 

We've been asked to open a studio in Utrecht, Paris, New York, Maastricht, Cran Canaria, and many more places. This online program is a way to actually share all that we have, with the whole World.

Our aim is to bring more awareness into people's lives, to focus on joy, pleasure, fun and the greater essence of life.

The overall feel of rasalila that we want to bring in to the online program

Students love rasalila because of the home style an open character that empowers them and gives them confidence. Rasalila welcomes everybody, big or small, tall or short, young or old. Everybody is worth to be seen, to live fully and to express their true selves. 

Our students are in love with:

  • the homelike atmosphere of rasalila
  • the safe space that rasalila is
  • the supportive vibe at rasalila
  • and most of all the very open, loving and non judgemental environment. 

This is what the online space embodies too.
Our large team of passionate people and our cooperation as sisters contribute to the realization of our mission.

Welcome to the rasalila Conscious Movement Online Program


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