Introducing The Ladypreneur Strategy Course

This program will take your business to new depths where you will:

  • Learn powerful business tools to create a business that's serving you both emotionally and financially.

  • Strengthen your mindset, gain clarity, flow and confidence.

  • Gain profound knowledge on how to reach your clients, the use of different strategies, prevent overwhelm and how to best deal with money.

This course is a safe space to connect to your own business desires and brings light to all of the potential of your business.


Willemijn Laan
Creator of rasalila & Amsterdam School of Burlesque

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Running your business is personal. This course will transform your business by connecting it to what feels most important to your & your clients lives. Using the full potential of your business. 

Think of it like doing a retreat for your business…

This course will take you through all of the aspects of your business. Both the practical stuff as the inevitable emotional stuff.
It will let you experience and feel more growth, more ease, more sense of direction, more confidence and more flow. All you need for a successful business... On your own terms.

We’ll go through 6 modules together where you’ll learn to stay on your own path, where you’ll be inspired and energized because of the clarity you’ll gain... As well as a life business coaching session with me to go even deeper into your specific business, plus there are worksheets and a bonus and much more...

Sounds like the exact retreat you and your business could use right now?

Then this is the course for you!

Let's Grow Together

The course will help you if you’re;

  • Just starting out,
  • If you’re in business for a while already, but feel stuck or without energy and inspiration,

    But it’s also an awesome opportunity for when you just feel that there should be more possible for you and your business.

Freelancers, solopreneurs, small business owners and heart centered entrepreneurs... This is all for you. Even if you aren’t sure if being in business is something for you or when starting a business just feels sooo freaking overwhelming right now. This course can help you to get started in a solid way that also feels good...

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In this heart centered business course you will get 6 modules that will take you on a full business journey:

1. C L A R I T Y

We’re going to seek clarity about yourself and your business. This will be the foundation or Roadmap for you as a Ladypreneur. It will give your business direction and guidance.

2. G E T T I N G  T H I N G S 

You’ll learn to get more things done with less overwhelm. And all this with keeping an eye on the balance you need for your work, yourself and your family and friends.

3. S T R A T E G I E S

You’ll discover all about strategies for the success you'll love. You’ll map out what niche you should be focussing on, who your perfect clients are, and what the best offer is for them. And the best part of it all, YOU get to choose them all, because it’s your business!

4. M I N D S E T

You’ll be diving deep into generating positivity and raising your energy level. I'll give you the tools how to stay positive in this crazy world of business, because running a business, especially a small and personal business can feel vulnerable and super scary at times. 

5. C O N S C I O U S 

We’ll go over how to do marketing, but without the feeling of selling yourself. It will be conscious because we'll focus on staying true to ourselves AND your customers. We’ll figure out ways how to reach your clients in a way that feels natural and not like an outer body experience.

6. M O N E Y

We’ll go deep into money and how to handle it like a CEO. We’ll go from your money mindset to the more practical stuff on how to handle your administration and calculate the right price for your products.

Together you'll get 6+ hours of video material. PLUS: With every module you’ll get a worksheet to get a deeper understanding of what we’ve gone through in the videos.

You Can Create Success…

Without losing yourself.

  • It’s about doing less with more focus.

  • It’s about choosing strategies that make the biggest impact that also feel good.

  • It’s about knowing what you desire and want and to go only for that.
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I deeply value your growth and progress. So I've included two bonusses:


I am convinced that we all need more coaching and guidance in life AND our business. That's why you'll get a live coaching session with me... FOR FREE if you sign up now for the Ladypreneur Strategy Course. 

€155 Value


On top of that I have asked my dear friend Juel McNeilly to add in another bonus for you and she made something very special that is designed to help you become more aware of what your body is trying to tell you, which relieves stress and overwhelm, increases awareness of your needs, connects you into your creativity and grounds you. So you can approach your life and business feeling like... you.... And you'll get it all for FREE in the Ladypreneur Strategy Course. How amazing is that!?

€55 Value

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Ready when you are!

When you sign up the first module is ready for you to start!

Then we’ll have another 5 modules. Every week one new module will be released until you’ve learned how to get more control over your business and life while staying true to yourself, how to gain energy when you’re down or just super busy and make strategies to take action in making your goals reality and have the business you love. And loves you back.

Forever access

And after the program is over, you’ll still have access...

You’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure. You’ll find that the ability to review the material as often as you like... at your own convenience... is simply priceless.

Dozens of Ladypreneurs have gone through the course already and this is what they have to say about it...

"I’d never seen myself as an entrepreneur, but while doing the course I really had a mindset shift: That I’m the CEO of my business and that I need to take myself serious. I now feel that I have clarity and going in the right direction. I also realized that I actually really enjoy what I’m doing with my business.”

- M. Kisteman, owner Yogastudio - Madrid, Spain

"This was very inspiring and motivated me to test my limits. It felt like you understand me so well. Thank you for that!"

- A. Karataeva, starting entrepreneur

"The program and the worksheets are amazing and super valuable. The program really helped me to continue, reflect and also find my way to shape my service and product.

Willemijn's knowledge of what is involved in starting and owning a business is super helpful. There’s a great balance between the hard business skills and the emotional reflection."

- A. Matthijssen, Founder, Matter of Minds - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I’m Willemijn Laan and the creator of rasalila. I’ve been helping and teaching dozens of entrepreneurs to achieve a successful business while staying true to themselves, while growing their feeling of being worthy and growing the confidence to show themselves and their vision to the world.

I’m an entrepreneur myself since 2009, having started four businesses (one of which conscious movement studio rasalila, together with my sister Floortje. And still going strong) and made two beautiful children since... I’ve been through all the feelings and emotions that come with running your own business. I’ve had so many fears of failure, fears of not being successful enough or good enough or questions about if what I was doing was the right thing. As well as the doubts about whether I made the right decisions for myself and my business. And with that came the stress. I felt tired and lacked energy and flow.

And this was NOT what I wanted when I started my own business. What I wanted was to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess. I realized that feeling good and getting energy from the things I do are my biggest motivator; the maintenance of my joy and pleasure. And with that the trust that the money will follow. I wanted to lower my stress level, feel good about myself and what I’m working so hard for and receive a good amount of money for the risk and the work that I put into it.

I wanted to feel ‘turned on’, do well, share my knowledge with the world. All while feeling flowing and sexy and feminine and the best version of myself.

Over the past years, this has been my main topic of research. Which resulted in the practical side of running a business to be deeply combined with authenticity and the sensuality of business within my coaching and training.

Because I want you to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess too!

The best way to do business is by staying true to yourself.

Once I learned how to stay true to myself while running a business, how to keep my energy and positivity high and learned all the practical stuff that comes with running a business, I accomplished to have a family with two kids, two businesses and still feel the energy and balance in life to spend with family and friends. And I want to help you do this too. Not to take my path of the two kids and two businesses, but I do want you to feel inspired and enjoying your business and life all at the same time and all on your own terms. There's one thing I can't do. I can't click that button; I can't click that registration. Only you can decide to make this investment for yourself.

So go ahead, click that button below, and I’ll see you in the Ladypreneur Strategy Course!

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This is what you'll get!
  • 6 weeks of in dept content for ALL, new and established, Ladypreneurs!
  • This course will help you to Stay True To Yourself While Running a Successful Business
  • PLUS LIVE Q&A session with Willemijn for All Your Questions. You're not alone!
  • PLUS BONUS of Ladyliciousness: how to Be More Conscious for whenever you feel overwhelmed


2x €140

2 monthly payments
  • 6 weeks of in dept content for ALL, new and established, Ladypreneurs!
  • This course will help you to Stay True To Yourself While Running a Successful Business
  • PLUS LIVE Q&A session with Willemijn for All Your Questions. You're not alone!
  • PLUS BONUS of Ladyliciousness: how to Be More Conscious for whenever you feel overwhelmed