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Coaching Programs ~ One-on-One

Let's go on a journey together. From finding ways to reach your goals, to untangling yourself from the ratrace that is going on around us and focussing on how you want to shape & form your life. From getting rid of that feeling of being stuck, to how to get into staying true to yourself… You don't have to figure it all out yourself....

The Conscious Living Coaching Program -
6 weeks One-on-One with Willemijn Laan

Finding flow and ease in your daily life, discovering the best way to show yourself to the world doesn't always happen by itself. Gift yourself a guided journey that includes activities for your mind, life & soul.

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The Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching Program -
12 weeks One-on-One with Willemijn Laan

In this 12-week program we’ll go on a journey together, through all facets of your business. Finding your internal drive and fire, giving you tools and insights to create success on your own terms, from your authentic self.

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