The Sensual Business Roadmap Course

In this 3-week masterclass you will:

  • Learn what sensuality can do for you as a Ladypreneur.

  • Use your sensuality as your guide to clarity, confidence, fun and success.

  • Make your own personal Sensual Business Roadmap with step by step introduction

This course is a pure online resource for Ladypreneurs seeking energy, flow, inspiration and confidence in running their business— whichever stage of being a business owner you’re in.

Willemijn Laan
Creator of rasalila & Amsterdam School of Burlesque

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You want a business in which you feel alive, juicy, flowing and inspired.

One that doesn't overwhelm you and has control over you, but that allows you to feel excitement and confidence.

So many Ladypreneurs come to me feeling stuck and in need of inspiration. Some experience lack of fun or a lot of overwhelm. Others struggle with a lack of confidence to fully be outgoing with their business. But most don’t know where to start to have their natural flow as a consistent part of their working days.

The Sensual Business Roadmap can help you experience the flow and confidence you want.

My course will help you deal with feelings of self-doubt, the fear of having to sell your soul to the ‘devil’ to get by financially, to stay close to your true self... You will find out how sensuality can improve your life and business or break open the feeling of being stuck in your business and find your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess!

This course will give you the vocabulary and practices to explore what pleasures you and become more open and intentional with your business needs. 

Start fresh!

This is the perfect time to reflect and to start fresh... And I have the perfect way to do that for you...

    •    Over the course of 3 modules

    •    including 13 video’s

    •    And accompanying exercises & worksheets

You'll learn how to 
use your sensuality to your advantage within your business.
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A guide to your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess

The Sensual Business Roadmap will help you to activate your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess that I know lives inside all of you freelancers, solopreneurs, small business owners and heart centered entrepreneurs...

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Dozens of Ladypreneurs have gone through the course already and this is what they have to say about it...

"Willemijn is a true hero in creating clarity and in running a business in a feminine way."

- A. Norcia, dance teacher

"Willemijn understands what it is to use your feminine super powers when running a business. Thank you for being your own best example and spreading the knowledge you gained as both an entrepreneur and sensual woman."

- W. Welten, Co-Founder, House of Awareness

Ready when you are!

When you sign up the first module is ready for you to start!

Then we’ll have another 2 modules.

When you join the Sensual Business Roadmap Course you get all the information to create your personal Sensual Business Roadmap. I have broken up this training into individual training modules where I’ll walk you through all of the steps to create your personal Sensual Business Roadmap and find the way to your inner Passion Driven Business Goddess!

Forever access

And after the program is over, you’ll still have access...

You’ll be able to go back over the material at your leisure. You’ll find that the ability to review the material as often as you like... at your own convenience... is simply priceless.

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I’m Willemijn Laan and the creator of rasalila. I’ve been helping and teaching dozens of entrepreneurs to achieve a successful business while staying true to themselves, while growing their feeling of being worthy and growing the confidence to show themselves and their vision to the world.

I’m an entrepreneur myself since 2009, having started four businesses (one of which conscious movement studio rasalila, together with my sister Floortje. And still going strong) and made two beautiful children since... I’ve been through all the feelings and emotions that come with running your own business. I’ve had so many fears of failure, fears of not being successful enough or good enough or questions about if what I was doing was the right thing. As well as the doubts about whether I made the right decisions for myself and my business. And with that came the stress. I felt tired and lacked energy and flow.

And this was NOT what I wanted when I started my own business. What I wanted was to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess. I realized that feeling good and getting energy from the things I do are my biggest motivator; the maintenance of my joy and pleasure. And with that the trust that the money will follow. I wanted to lower my stress level, feel good about myself and what I’m working so hard for and receive a good amount of money for the risk and the work that I put into it.

I wanted to feel ‘turned on’, do well, share my knowledge with the world. All while feeling flowing and sexy and feminine and the best version of myself.

Over the past years, this has been my main topic of research. Which resulted in the practical side of running a business to be deeply combined with authenticity and the sensuality of business within my coaching and training.

Because I want you to feel like a Passion Driven Business Goddess too!


This is what you'll get!
  • A 3-weeks masterclass to activate you inner passion driven business Goddess!
  • 13 video's plus accompanying exercises & worksheets