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Experience how it is to find that place within yourself that feels really good!

The rasalila Online Conscious Movement Program is for those who love to Discover, Connect & Play.
Wherever you are.


rasalila Online Conscious Movement Program

This program is for you if you’ve sensed that the work that we do at rasalila goes super deep… And you’ve wanted that empowerment and conscious living available for you all the time and for all areas in your life…. and everywhere you go.

This program is your online safe space where you get to:


Discover the essence of life, of your joy and fears, and reclaim confidence. Take the time to take care of yourself and feel blooming.


Feel connected with yourself; learn ways to love and accept the way you are.


Be celebrated, let go of limiting beliefs and enjoy the magic of life. 

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Courses From multiple amazingly disciplined teachers!

We deeply value your wellness, growth and empowerment. So we've included courses from multiple talented Psychologists, Biologists, Business Owners, Movement and Yoga Teachers, Witchcraft, Sacred Sex and Feminine Arts Coaches...

Uniquely created courses to make you feel amazing each month

Each month, we’ll focus on a theme that we are in love with at rasalila studio like Daily Abundance, Sensuality, Magic, Mobility, Bliss, Pleasure, Self-love, Sacred Sexuality, and many other amazing things...

We’ll add transformative tools to each theme for you to apply in your daily life, take new steps and get Conscious Movement started in your body and mind. 

So if you want a safe space to be open, and to be YOU and to have fun exploring all that is possible in life... If you want deep support and encouragement from our beautiful rasalila community... And you’re ready to have access to your desires and feel really good inside and out…

Then this is the membership for you!

One-on-One Life Coaching

On top of the online courses; you, as a member, can book a One-on-One coaching session to get even deeper guidance on topics such as Clarity, Productivity, Daily Abundance, Letting Go, Self Love and more...

What others have to say...

"I love the content so much! I find it absolutely excellent. I truly appreciate the diverse topics and wonderful teachers of the Conscious Movement program and I feel grateful to have discovered the rasalila studio :-)"


"This is a very beautiful and inspiring program. The things I've learned about are very meaningful to me. I take everything with me and keep applying it in my life. Thank you for that."


"The program helps me to get in touch with myself. It offers a set of different techniques and practices to stay connected to your body and mind, even in stressful times."

"This is an amazing online program to help you become a better version of yourself :)"

"I love the fact that the program focusses on self-development from an often sensual female perspective."

"I started with the first course of Daily Abundance. I tried all the tools and it makes me feel so good. I will definitely continue these pratices while starting with the next course. "

In this unique rasalila online membership program, you will get:

  • A new Online Course every month based on a theme with a rasalila theme expert 
  • The most profound Energy practices that will give you the knowledge to tap into your authentic Energy and use it to focus on what is important to you and to Connect to your true self.
  • Powerful Movement practices to unlock every possible kind of tension in your body and to reclaim your inner power. 
  • Deep Creative practices to embody the monthly themes, to really make them a part of you and to let them bring magic to your life.  
  • Strong Theme specific practices that allow you to heal and empower specific areas of your life like love, pleasure, energy, relationships, and many more...
  • There are video's, tools, practices and workbooks to complete each monthly theme.
  • And if that's not enough! We're going LIVE every month for a Monthly Coaching Session with this community. With this you'll get even more strategies and concepts that help you navigate through life.

"We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves we can be."

~satsuki shibuya~

8 amazing courses are waiting for you. Plus a new course unlocked every single month!

Save a lot of money and get a personal development curriculum that leads to long-term well-being, fun, confidence, relaxation, magic self-love and self-care.

JANUARY COURSE: Release ~ Relax ~ Restore with Blanca Wennekes

Blanca's mission is to guide people into more body awareness. A movement from doing to being. She does this through accessible and down-to-earth Yoga classes, coaching and workshops for companies and individuals. With this course she offers a path towards relaxation and restoration. We will build up from releasing tension to slowly working towards allowing the body to relax and restore.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Authenticity Course with Ariana Norcia

Under the name SoulSeductress Ariana Norcia combines sensual embodiment with soulful living. Her students come to her classes to get out of the “doing and thinking- mode” and land into their bodies. In this course she gives you tools to experience this and support you in embodying authentic expression.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Daily Abundance Course with Willemijn Laan

Entrepreneur and creator of rasalila Willemijn Laan shows you how you can use pleasure and sensuality as the key to feeling juicy, energized, confident and fulfilled within your daily life in this Daily Abundance course!
"Willemijn understands what it is to use your feminine super powers in life. Thank you for being your own best example and spreading the knowledge you gained as both an entrepreneur and sensual woman."

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Introduction to Magic Course with Pipaluk Universe

Pipaluk is a coach and teacher in the art of magical practices and mystery traditions. In this course you will learn the basics of magic and you will discover how to work with desire to change your life.
"Pipaluk is an amazing teacher and guide, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow, heal, and align with themselves and their magic."

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AVAILABLE NOW: Get it Out: Healing Negative Emotion Course with Juel McNeilly

Juel McNeilly is a coach and facilitator in the feminine arts, conscious living and self-realisation. She is an exuberant, open, and mystical entrepreneur with a varied background. This course supports an offloading and unleashing of the negative emotions that you've stored up. It's a chance to acknowledge what your emotions are trying to tell you.
"Thank you Juel for creating a safe space and offering the tools to help me get in touch with my anger. It has enabled me to reconnect with my fire."

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AVAILABLE NOW: Sensual Shakti Yoga Course with Afke Reijenga

Afke Reijenga is a wild woman, a lover of life, a yoga and tantra teacher. She loves to guide you, with a big smile, through this Sensual Shakti course which is a combination of breath, movement and sound. The movements are slow and ecstatic to help you (re)connect with your sensuality with the receptive energy (yin) that is within all of us.
"The vibe Afke creates helps you to uncover and liberate the joy within yourself!"

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AVAILABLE NOW: Movement Flow Course with Suzanne Loh

Suzanne Loh is a yoga, pole & aerial teacher and extensively studied the unlimited possibilities of the human body and mind. In this Movement Flow course, Suzanne will give you a combination of yoga and mobility elements, but making it much more than just a physical workout. Movement Flow is a practice that by using conscious movement helps you to learn more about your body and yourself.
"Suzanne is an amazing teacher. She is has a lot of knowledge about the possibilities of the human body and takes time to explain technique in detail for each individual."

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EXTRA: Movement classes

You'll also receive hours and hours of extra rasalila movement classes like yoga, dance and workouts to keep your body as well as your mind moving! All to be done in your own time and pace...

AVAILABLE NOW: Sacred Sex Course with Marianne van Katwijk

Marianne van Katwijk is a sacred sexual empowerment coach and psychologist for women. She helps women to unleash your inner wild feminine nature. With this course she will guide you towards feeling confident, fierce & strong, yet filled with love, calmness, and joy in your sexuality that translates into every aspect of your life.
"I am much more open, more confident, more radiant. I have even started to enjoy sex again."

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What others have to say...

"This program is a safe space to learn how to feel more free, learn to be yourself, however you wish to be. Embracing qualities that are not allowed in women in the outside world sometimes (loudness, sensuality, sexuality, confidence, strong, taking up space, speaking their mind). Looking at the video's from the comfort of my home definitely sparked an interest in the meditative practises as well as dance. Thank you! "


"Woohoo! I'm so happy I signed up! Congratulations on being so inspiring and thank you for creating this program! X"


"Between all my work as a doctor in the hospital, the Conscious Movement Program and classes are a wonderful source of exercise and relaxation! Especially the fact that I can follow them on my own time is very nice with my ever-changing schedule in healthcare."


"Thank you for this! Taking my first steps on this path is definitely exciting and this really helps me to reconnect with myself and trust in who I am. Ready for the journey ahead :) "

Video creative

"Woooooow, it's so nice!!! ❤️ love ittttt!"

Professional Dancer & Medical Student


Get started! Our offers now also include an option to save annually.


now €17,50

Instead of €35 PER MONTH

Sign up and we'll immediately unlock 8 courses for you! 

We are releasing:

  1. Daily Abundance with Willemijn Laan

  2. Authenticity of Ariana Norcia

  3. Introduction to Magic course with Pipaluk Universe

  4. Get it Out! Healing Negative Emotion by Juel McNeilly

  5. Movement Flow by Suzanne Loh

  6. Sacred Sex by Marianne van Katwijk

  7. Sensual Shakti Yoga by Afke Reijenga

  8. JANUARY COURSE: Release ~ Relax ~ Restore... with Blanca Wennekes

    PLUS up to 2 new courses released every month to keep you growing! You'll get at least one new course unlocked in your members area every month from amazing teachers from all over the world. Plus some months you will also receive a 2nd additional course!

    PLUS: COACHING We aim to guide you the best we can and this includes One-on-One coaching sessions!

    PLUS: PRIVATE COMMUNITY for our members to connect, share and learn, together.

    PLUS: BONUS CLASSES You'll also receive extra movement classes like yoga and dance to keep your body as well as your mind moving!

6 Month plan

now €89

Instead of €178 PER 6 MONTHS

  • Same benefits as monthly: 8 courses unlocked immediately!  Plus Up to 2 new courses each month, plus BONUS movement classes, plus community, plus live group coaching.
  • Pay the entire 6 months in advance and save 15%!

Annual plan

now €126

Instead of €252 PER YEAR

  • Same benefits as monthly: 8 courses unlocked immediately!  Plus Up to 2 new courses each month, plus BONUS movement classes, plus community, plus live group coaching.
  • Pay the entire year in advance and save 40%!

Cancel Anytime!

Find that place within yourself that feels really good. Sign-up and get 8 courses within your first month. If you don't love it, then cancel anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's an unique online training platform, totally in the spirit of rasalila.

A way to bring to bring awareness to what moves you and exploring that in the comfort of your home.

How, you ask?
Through guided meditations, physical exercises, breathwork, rituals, dance and journaling.
Every topic is brought to you by different teachers who each bring their own different flavor.

You will learn by:
- Video tutorials, with explanations about the offered tools and practices, information and guidance towards embodiment of the theme of the course
- Audio meditation/ visualisations
- Workbooks with each course for your journaling
- Support and private community
- LIVE Life Coaching

You can take the courses anytime, at your own pace. The amount of time you want to spend on doing the practices and tools is totally up to you. You could watch one video and integrate one tool or practice in your life and spend just a few minutes every month, week or day. But you can also 'binge watch' them and go trought it all in a day. Totally up to you!


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